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Taekwondo information in English


You can start taekwondo practice at any time, welcome aboard!

The practice of taekwondo is suitable for all ages, we have classes starting from the age of 5. We do not have other age limits. You do not need previous experience in martial arts or a sports background to start training in taekwondo. 

We are known for our encouraging and positive atmosphere created in training! There is training taking place in the center of Helsinki and Pakila area.


Hotel Arthur (Helsinki center, Vuorikatu 19)

  • Tuesday: Poomsae Team (8–9 PM), Sparring Team (8–9 PM)
  • Thursday: Taekwondo Level 1 (5:30–6:30 PM), Taekwondo Level 2 & 3 (5:30–6:30 PM), Basic Poomsae (6:30–7 PM),  Sparring Team (7–8:30 PM)
  • Friday: Poomsae Team (5:30–7 PM)
  • Saturday: Taekwondo Level 1 & 2 (3–4 PM), Basic Poomsae (4–4:30 PM), Poomsae Team (4:30–6 PM)
  • Sunday: Level 1 (12:30–1:30 PM), Basic Poomsae (1:30–2 PM), Taekwondo Level 2 & 3 (2–3 PM), Sparring Team (3–4:30 PM)

Namika Areena (Pakila, Pilkekuja 10)

  • Monday: Level 1 (4–5 PM), Basic Poomsae (5–5:30 PM), Taekwondo Level 2 & 3 (5:30–6:30 PM)

Taekwondo starts with the Level 1 training group.

As a new trainee, select the Level 1 training group(s) appropriate for your age. 

More information about our training groups can be found here. If you have previously practiced taekwondo and have a belt category of 7. kup or higher, you can enter Level 2 or Level 3 groups according to your belt category.

Registration for Taekwondo training is done with an online form:

Register here

In the registration form, select the group you want to participate in (age, group & location). If you want to exercise several times a week, select “all groups” from the form. After registration, you can come to the training of your choice.

In the registration form, you choose whether you only train once or several times a week. Your choice can be changed later on. More information about payments and payment policies can be found here.

In addition to Taekwondo training, we have fitness boxing training that can be attended several times a week for the same monthly fee.

The first bill arrives within a month. If you are still unsure whether you want to start training, you can come try the training for free, read the instructions on the free trial and how the cancellation form works here.


You are welcome to our training after filling out the registration form.

For each training, you have to notify your presence through MyClub. It can be done easily through the MyClub mobile application, which can be downloaded to your smartphone from this link: https://help.myclub.fi/article/209-myclub-mobililisovellus 

If it is not possible to use the mobile app, you can also use MyClub via the website.

If you need any help/support in using and familiarizing yourself with MyClub, you can send a message to the IT person for martial activities:


When arriving at training, let the instructor know that you are there for the first time. Instructors and co-instructors will help you and answer your questions.

New trainees are always guided in the beginning. 

You will need flexible indoor clothing and a water bottle for training. We train barefoot. A taekwondo suit (a dobok) needs to be obtained at the latest before the first belt test, but it can be obtained earlier. You can purchase it through our club.

A warm welcome!

More information about taekwondo can be found here.
You can find a preview of the taekwondo instructors here.





Taekwondo and/or fitness boxing training fees:

  • 45 euros per month for one training a week.

  • 60 euros per month for multiple training a week.

In addition to the monthly fee, the following is paid once a year:

  • HNMKY's membership fee is 50 euros per year.

Additionally, taekwondo trainees are required to acquire independently an annual license from the Finnish Taekwondo Federation:

  • Which is 39 euros per calendar year.

Smartum sports vouchers are also accepted as a means of payment.

Payment terms

When you register for taekwondo and/or fitness boxing, you will start receiving a monthly billing as follows:

  • When you register on the 1st–15th of the month, billing begins on the 15th of this month.

  • When you register on the 16th–31st of the month, billing begins on the 1st of the following month.

(e.g. when you register on August 25, billing will start on September 1. When you register on October 3, billing will start on October 15.)

Attention! The billing only ends when you fill out an official quitting notice. Billing always ends at the end of the current month. (e.g. when you fill out a quitting notice on November 20, billing ends on November 30). 

The official notice of termination can be found on this website under quitting Notice


The monthly fee does not include insurance. We recommend obtaining insurance for martial arts practice. Taekwondo trainees can obtain insurance in addition to purchasing a taekwondo license. It is advised to check the coverage of one’s own insurance in order to avoid unpleasant situations or unnecessary payments.

Extra information on the taekwondo license

New taekwondo trainees are required to acquire a taekwondo license in the beginning of their practice in this sport. If their training starts at the very end of the year, the license can be acquired from the beginning of the following year. 

The Taekwondo license is obtained through the Finnish Taekwondo Federation itself:

Extra information about training groups:

New trainees will choose a training group upon registration. It is possible to change the training group later on. For example, a trainee who trains once a week can change to training multiple times a week, and vice versa

But, this change must always be notified in advance by contacting by email;

For the same monthly fee, if you are training several times a week you can take part in both fitness boxing and taekwondo training while taking into account the age groups.

You can register for taekwondo and/or fitness boxing here.



The family discount is 20% of the monthly fee for a second trainee of the same family. The discount applies to all HNMKY taekwondo and fitness boxing trainees. 

The oldest trainee in the family pays the full training fee, and all the younger trainees receive a discount.

If more than one member from the same family participates in training, it is worth mentioning it in the registration form, so that the family discount can be taken into account. The family discount can also be reported by e-mail at urheilu.laskutus@hnmky.fi


It is possible to apply for financial support for training fees, such as a price reduction, if necessary. To apply for aid, fill in the application form for direct financial support. These applications are always treated confidentially. This aid is aimed specifically at children and young people.

The application form can be found here.


If you want to try taekwondo and/or fitness boxing exercises for free before making your decision to participate, follow these steps:

1. First fill in the registration form normally.

2. After registering, come and try the training of your choice.

3. If you do not want to continue with the training after the trial, please report it on the quitting form (the form can be found under the quitting notice on this page).

Make a quitting notice within two weeks of completing the registration form. If you do not report termination, billing will automatically begin according to your billing terms. 

You will automatically receive a receipt of the quitting notice.

If you notify us of a quitting within two weeks, billing will not start or billing that has already started will be canceled. If you have forgotten to give notice of quitting on time, please contact urheilu.laskutus@hnmky.fi as soon as possible to clarify the issue.


Taekwondo's first belt test costs 50 euros, the fee includes the Finnish Taekwondo Federation passport in addition to the test. Other color belt tests cost 30 euros per test. Belt test fees include the belt or the belt ribbon.


The training fee is billed one month at a time (except summertime, see below). The billing will be sent by email to the email address entered in the registration form. You can also order an e-billing to your online bank. You will also see the billing from your own MyClub profile.

During the autumn/spring season, it is also possible to take a break with prior notice. 

The break of the trainee should be notified by email to urheilu.laskutus@hnmky.fi


The summer season starts at the beginning of June and ends at the end of August. During the summer season, there is no need to make a separate break or termination notification. All participants will be automatically placed on a break, and no training fees will be charged.

However, we have training also during the summer time. You need to sign up separately for the summer season, and the price is 90 euros for the entire season (June 1st - August 31st), including two training days per week.


Billing will continue automatically until the trainee notifies us of his quitting. Quitting must always be announced in advance. Quitting must be made by filling out the official quitting form. The quitting notice will stop the billing after the end of the current month

You can find the quitting form here.


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