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TAT International Cup

TAT International Cup is an annual football tournament, all about diversity and participation! Upscale playing, good music and relaxed atmosphere gather a large group of people together every summer. The teams are formed by communities of people with immigrant, expat or otherwise international background. The rules and principles of the tournament are created together with the communities. International Cup wants to enhance good relations and cross borders within different populations and develop sense of community with the common language of football!

In 2022 the tournament attracted over 5000 spectators in total. Every year the tournament offers a variety of work and training possibilities for the participants. This year we are training security stewards and referees. The tournament offers activities for families and children as well on most days.

This summer 2023 International Cup has 16 community teams! The event is organized in Kallio, Brahenkenttä (Helsinginkatu 25a) from 28.6-9.7, 17.-18.7, 20.7 and 22.7. Please note! July 9th we play in Töölö, Urheilukatu 5. Games are played between 16-20. Welcome to watch the games and enjoy the atmosphere! This year we offer also a free football school for kids: you can just come and join:

Thursday 29.6, Friday 30.6, Saturday 1.7., Monday 3.7., Thursday 6.7 ja Thursday 20.7.

From 17-18 (5pm-6pm) for 6-9 years old

From 19-20 (7pm-8pm) for 10-14 years old


The event is organized together with the communities, volunteers and other organizations. As a volunteer you can be involved in first aid, kids and family activities, social media or game commission. 

More information and photos can be found from the tournament's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hnmky.tat.internationalcup 

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