Olet täällä

Let’s cooperate!

TAT works together with numerous different organizations and networks. We complement the services of the public sector, for example employment and social services. Other important partners of ours include a wide range of educational establishments from vocational education to universities: we offer activities, internships, and project collaboration opportunities. We also work with many different multicultural organizations and associations by arranging joint services, events, workshops, and training sessions. We are always happy to consider new opportunities for collaboration!

Come and host your own group!

 If you have any useful skills you would like to teach to others, knowledge to share, or an idea about a hobby group, then don’t hesitate to contact us! We may be able to offer facilities and resources to groups that align with TAT values.

Join us as a trainee!

 If you are a student of social services or youth work in an Applied University, come and complete your practical training with us! You have the chance to learn intercultural client work, instructing groups and individuals and organizing events, to mention just a few possibilities. We do not require any Finnish language ability but will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to practice your language skills!

Professional collaboration? 

Do you share an interest or goal with us? Feel free to invite us to talk about our valuable work in a training session, seminar, or any other event! We are happy to collaborate and work together with other projects and initiatives. 

Support our work

We welcome all kinds of support from the private sector as well. We are always happy to discuss sponsorship for our events or training. 

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