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Namika Youth Work refers to work defined by the association itself, respecting the traditions and basic function of the association. Namika youth work is a gateway to the community of the YMCA in Helsinki and a path to responsibility. Practices are inherently linked to other activities of the association. Namika youth work includes a wide range of leisure activities and training for people over 12 years of age. This activity is strongly described as support for growth and inclusion and a sense of community.

Forms of activity include, for example, group leader training for people over 15 years of age, enabling volunteering in camps. There are also leisure activities such as weekend camps and a weekly youth night, the YMCA club.

The activities are organised in Finnish.

More information about our other activities in Finnish here:
Ryhmänohjaajakoulutus (ROK)Nuorten leirit, 
Appariklubi, YMCA-klubi, Avartti