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MOK Intercultural Competence Training

MOK is a training opportunity for instructors of culturally diverse groups and professionals working in customer-facing roles. We warmly welcome you to develop your intercultural competencies and diversity leadership and interaction skills with us!


MOK Basics of Intercultural Competence

• Includes four themes and independent tasks:

  1. How does culture affect us?

  2. Intercultural communication skills

  3. Group dynamics and MBI tool

  4. Creating inclusion: from otherness to usness

MOK Skills Continuing Education

  • 4h functional competence development

  • Requirements for participation: MOK Basics of Intercultural Competence or equivalent knowledge

  • Only available as in-person training

Thematic workshop on intercultural competence

  • 3- to 4-hour workshops on a chosen theme

  • Online or on-premises training

Taking a stand! Online discussion in English

  • 2.5 hours of online anti-racism discussions in English

  • Open to anyone interested in working to combat racism

MOK Quiz

  • Get to know the work cultures presented in the game and reflect upon your own reactions

  • Carried out online in English

The activities are funded by STEA. 

Intercultural interaction skills and leadership skills for diverse groups are playing an increasing role in our working lives. Customer work, mentoring and leadership all require the ability to interact with people from different backgrounds. Intercultural encounters enrich our daily lives, but also challenge our thinking and provide an opportunity for us to truly develop as professionals. MOK in-service training offers skills for intercultural interaction, tools for working with diverse groups and the opportunity to reflect upon our own role and experiences in a facilitated small group.

MOK is designed to meet the needs of teachers, coaches, customer-service staff and instructors. The training provides an introduction to six hands-on methods that you can apply in your work across all intercultural encounters.

A strong theoretical foundation and small group sizes allow for reflection on one’s own experiences. The aim is to develop each participant's self-knowledge and intercultural interaction skills. The instruction is given in Finnish, Swedish and English.

MOK workshops and training sessions are organized as in-person training or online. You are warmly welcome to join our open training sessions or to ask for more information about organizing training for your own work community!