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myClub Terveydenhoito - Urheilunetti
  • Urheilu Mehiläinen
    The purpose of the Mehiläinen Urheilunet service is to support a sports club that has entered into a contract with Urheilu Mehiläinen for centralised purchases/services at Mehiläinen.
    Every customer visit of the member or family member who signed up to Urheilunet (e.g., a visit to the doctor’s office, a physiotherapist, a laboratory or a surgery) accumulates the purchase accumulation from which Mehiläinen repays a marketing bonus to Helsinki YMCA. The bonus accumulates from all purchases of private visits, only visits to occupational healthcare are not included in the bonus.
    Check out the service here.

  • Restaurant Arthur 20% discount for Helsinki YMCA members for dining and lunches, in addition to changing seasonal benefits at Arthur for hotel stays and restaurant services, announced in the newsletter – ask sales service, address Vuorikatu 19, Helsinki

  • Benefits for LähiTapiola’s services (more info)

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