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Clubs for children and young people in Helsinki

Helsinki YMCA clubs offer a wide range of activities for children and young people of all ages all over Helsinki!
Clubs are free and can be joined in the middle of the season. Registeration is done directly at the club. All you need is your name, address, and the guardian's phone number and email address.

The clubs are open to all and generally free of charge. Activities are organized for different age groups (7-29 year olds). You can register for open clubs by coming to the club and registering with the club instructor. The instructor will take the club's name, address, date of birth, guardian's telephone number and e-mail address and direct them to the activity. You don't need any special equipment to participate in club activities.

Please note that during current season, there may be a limit on the number of club participants. There is a pre-registration for the clubs at the beginning of the season. However, you can also join in the middle of the season. At the beginning of the club, meet at the main door of the school, from where the instructor picks up the club members.

Club activities

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Sports Clubs offer children and young people the joy of moving around in a fun way. Sports Clubs can be either sport-themed or have a variety of sports activities. Accompanied by a familiar instructor, participants learn the rules of fair play and friendship through games and games. Various hippos and ball games are especially popular with children's sports clubs and the club program is designed according to the wishes of the participants. Clubs do not need their own racket and ball, but equipment can be borrowed from the club.

Cooking clubs include cooking and guidance on the proper and safe handling of equipment. The content of the club is designed together with the children. At the end of each club session, we clean our own tracks and enjoy the delicacies made by ourselves. Chef clubs often have a limited number of participants to make sure everyone can cook.

At the theatre club, club members prepare and plan their own play and practice it with the help of their instructors. At the club, children are encouraged to be creative through a variety of improvisation exercises and games. During the club season, people will also get to know different types of plays and learn to perceive and express their own feelings. At the end of the seasons, the self-prepared play is presented to parents and friends.

Various board games are played together in the game clubs. The club offers a wide range of different games, but you can also bring your own favorite game.

In multi-purpose clubs, diverse activities are planned together with the participants. Activities can be gaming, hanging out, cooking, excursions, art or anything else.