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Children need a familiar environment, safe adults and meaningful things to do in the afternoons. For this reason, Helsinki YMCA organises afternoon physical activities for first and second grade school children in a secure environment in 11 different offices in the immediate vicinity of the school site. Around 650 children are involved in the activity every day. We operate in facilities with regular use of the gym and good outdoor areas.

In the club, children make friends and have a safe place to hang out, and there is always a knowledgeable adult directing the activities. While there, the child plays, moves, gets to go outdoors, becomes acquainted with different sports, does his or her homework and is given a snack. During the afternoon, children also have the opportunity to rest and do their own thing in the presence of an instructor. 

The afternoon club operates every school day from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Helsingin NMKY


Applying to the activities in 2021–2022
Children are selected for the afternoon activities for one school year at a time. Due to the coronavirus situation, the application forms cannot be returned to the groups, instead the application is completed using an electronic form.

The application period for the 2021–2022 school year is from March 22 to April 23, 2021 

At the same time as school entrants, future second graders and special needs students can also apply for the activities.

The updated application instructions and the electronic application form can be found in Finnish on the website of the City of Helsinki page.

The application period for the 2022–23 school year is from 21 March to 22 April 2022.

Customer fees vary depending on the selected activity time:

Contract for 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.: €120 per month
Contract for 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.: €100 per month

The level of the customer fee is determined by the Board of Education, and they are the same for all after-school clubs. The activity time of the after-school club can be changed once during the school year and should be done officially by email to the after-school club email. Changes will not be made retroactively. You can apply for a payment reduction for the after-school club fees using the form found on the website of the City of Helsinki. If you wish to apply for a payment reduction, please also report it to the Helsinki YMCA billing at


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General guidelines for parents regarding the Helsinki YMCA after-school club

Below you can find general guidelines for everyday life at the after-school club. Instructions may differ slightly by the location, more detailed location-specific instructions can be found in the information letter sent to the members of the after-school club.


Children are picked up from school for the first two weeks (in exceptional situations, e.g., in Pakila, children are picked up from school as long as necessary to ensure safe transitions). The instructors picking up the children wear Helsinki YMCA shirts. On the first day, we go through the common rules of everyday operation with the after-school club members and get to know the other children in the group as well as the instructors.

The after-school club is open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. When the child arrives from school, we settle down first and do the homework (please inform us if you don’t want your child to do homework in the club), after homework there is time to play, be outdoors or rest until snack time, which is at around 2 p.m. A snack is not a substitute for school lunch, so we recommend talking at home with the child about what he or she is eating at school. After the snack, we go out, and, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., it is programme time. The programme is carried out in groups into which children are divided in the first club weeks. The programme varies from sports, crafts, and outdoor activities to playing and games.

Between Monday and Thursday, the children have different guided activities. There are usually no guided activities on Fridays, but you can bring your own toy or game to the after-school club – however, you cannot bring games consoles, computers, MP3 players or other electronic items that break down easily. Also, the time for playing cards in the after-school club is Fridays.


Send a text message to the after-school club number or call if your child is sick or otherwise won’t attend the after-school club. After getting out of school, we will wait for half an hour, after which we call the parents if the child does not show up at the club.

If your child is going to be picked up by someone other than a family member, inform us by sending a text message, email or calling in advance.

The after-school club closes at 5 p.m., so the children must be picked up by then. If you find yourself running late, please inform us about it in advance and arrangements can be made with the instructor. If the activity has been reserved until 4 p.m., the child must be picked up by then. Any exceeding of activity time is billed €20 for each hour starting.



In the after-school club, we go out on a daily basis. It is useful to be wearing weather-appropriate clothing and to have spare clothing with you in your backpack/locker. You should also have sweatpants or other comfortable clothing, and a change of socks and underpants. In the gym, we exercise without socks or use indoor sports shoes/sneakers.


The place for a child’s mobile phone in the after-school club is in the child’s own backpack, on silent mode. You can reach your child during the day from the after-school club phone. If the child wants to use the phone, this must be agreed upon separately with the instructor – this also applies to calls to parents. Visits to friends and the like should also be taken care of with parents the day before, not during the after-school club.


Matters concerning the after-school club will be communicated by email and bills will also be sent there electronically. So please ensure that your email address is correct and that we have it!

If you have any questions, you can contact the after-school club number or the person in charge of the after-school activity:



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Read more about Helsinki YMCA vacancies here.


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The oldest afternoon club at the Helsinki YMCA has been operating in Pakila since 2001. The afternoon club operates in the premises of the Pakila Activity Center, which have excellent opportunities for diverse activities.

The activities of the children's afternoon club consist of homework, outdoor activities, free play and a guided program. Programs include a variety of sports, crafts, outdoor activities, games and games.

Pakila Activity Centre

Palosuontie 4
00660 Helsinki



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Helsingin NMKY

In addition to Pakila Activity Centre, there is an after-school club at Church of the Good Shepherd. 

Application forms are asked to be returned to YMCA Helsinki's after-school club at Palosuontie 4.


Palosuontie 1

050 371 4611


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Vuorikatu Activity Center - Kaisaniemi Afternoon Club

Helsinki YMCA House
Kaisaniemenkatu 8, 00100 Helsinki

Kaisaniemi Afternoon Club has been operating since the 2011 school year. The afternoon club operates in the club premises of Helsinki YMCA on the second and third floors of Kaisaniemenkatu 8, as well as in the upstairs gym. Outdoor activities take place in the Kaisaniemi primary school yard or in Kaisaniemi Park. The club also offers trips to the surrounding area.

In the club, children are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of guided activities and to have the opportunity to do things peacefully in a comfortable environment under the guidance of professional instructors. Guided activities may include e.g. sports, handicrafts, games, excursions and homework.

The afternoon club is located in the immediate vicinity of the school, about 200 meters away. Children are picked up from school for the first two weeks and at the same time children are taught to walk safely between school and the afternoon club.

Music college

The members of the afternoon club have a unique opportunity to participate in music teaching during the afternoon club at the Helsinki YMCA Music College. You can also get involved in the middle of the season!

For more information, please contact Anu Kurkaa



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Kontula's afternoon club is located in a barracks connected to the primary school. Our operating hours are on school days at 12-17.

Rintinpolku 4
00940 Helsinki

Helsingin NMKY



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Tapanila Comprehensive School, Lower Stage (suom. Tapanilan ala-aste)

Veljestenpiha 2,
00730 HKI



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Vesala Afternoon Club operates on the premises of the Vesala Comprehensive School in Ruudin sivukoulu. The daily program includes a variety of physical and artisanal activities, outdoor activities and, of course, a snack. The afternoon club is open from 12 noon to 5 pm.


VUONIITTY - Venemestari premises

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PUKINMÄKI - Pukinmäki Comprehensive School

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Address: Kirkonkyläntie 17
Phone: 050 5430884


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Address: Silkokuja 7
Phone: 050 5425438


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Phone: 050 551 7748