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It would be nice to have a place to visit every day, get a little routine for your everyday life and get better prepared for the next thing. There would be people who would help with these endless questions and you could move forward, at least a little. 

Well, now there is such a place! You are welcome to join Startti periods just as you are.

In a period of about 2–3 months, you will learn how to manage everyday life, put a rhythm to life, and learn about various services and forms of support that make your own life easier.

Please visit the Helsinki YMCA Lounge at Kaisaniemenkatu 8 to explore the activities.

You can either come alone or with a friend. The next open house is on: 17 October, 2022 at 14:30-15:30 and 31 October, 2022 at 14:30-15:30.

 For details on start times, registration, etc., contact the STARTTI coaches:



Through the Helsinki YMCA workshop in the youth, physical education and wellbeing sectors, young people under the age of 29 have the opportunity to learn and gain experience in those fields. The workshop supports the youth holistically. The workshop period consists of individual, work and group coaching. The duration and content of the workshop period vary depending on individual objectives. The workshop may support in applying for education and employment or, for example, completing an unfinished degree.


The region of the workshop is the metropolitan area. The workshop is a so-called wall-free workshop that operates in several different locations according to the needs of the trainees. The jobs are located in Helsinki YMCA or its partner organisations. The activities of the workshop are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Workshops' instructors are Ville Ahonen (responsible) and Iisa Karsten.



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Individual Coaching: The workshop’s individual coaches will be the professional and experienced employees of Helsinki YMCA, who will instruct, help and guide throughout the workshop period. All individual coaches have their own areas of expertise and an individual coach is chosen for a young person depending on whose competence is most beneficial to the youngster. In practice, goals and schedules are planned with the individual coach for the workshop period, and individual development is monitored during the workshop period. The individual coach meets the youngster in the work environment at least once a week.

Work coaching: As a rule, work coaching consists of a job trial and guiding it; that is to say, doing work at an actual workplace. A job trial contract is concluded between Helsinki YMCA, the TE office and the young person. The Helsinki YMCA workshop is a so-called wall-free workshop, i.e., the job trial may consist of being involved in the activities of several different organisations, as organised by Helsinki YMCA. A job trial is always based on the needs of the young person and it can last for 1–6 months. In the workplace, a job coach instructs and guides the youth to act according to the rules of the respective workplace. The workshop provides the job trial places with instructions, guidance and, as appropriate, training in relation to job coaching.

Group coaching: A number of young people interested in the youth, exercise or wellness sectors operate at the same time in the workshop. In addition to individual coaching, the workshop activities utilise group activities, where various methods are used to learn, for example, professional life skills. In the group, the trainee meets other young people in the same situation and receives peer support from them. Group coaching meetings are held once a week.