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Helsinki YMCA uses myClub-system for registering for activities and camps. If you do not have a myClub account,
you can create a myClub account and a member account when you first sign up for a camp or an activity. Member
account is an account that contains the pre-filled information (name, age, etc.) on the participant, for example,
the child participating at the camp.

The system will send a message confirming the registration to the email address used for the myClub account. You can
also check your registration directly through myClub. In case you need more information regarding the registration, you
can contact our office via email: leirit(a)

myClub is also available as a mobile app and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Mobile app operates
similarly to using myClub through a browser, and you can register to activities, update personal information and inspect
open invoices.

Step-by-step guide to creating a myClub account and adding member accounts:

You can change the interface language to English from the bottom of the page.
Follow the steps:
1. Go to the event page of the camp or activity and click ’register’ in the right corner.
2. Provide an email address that you will use to manage the member accounts. The same myClub account can manage
information of several participants.
3. The system will inquire about your age-range. Choose ’I am at least 13 years old’. Then fill in your own name as
the guardian
, and give the myClub account a password. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and
privacy policy.
4. Add a new member account. The member account means the participant at the camp. You need to fill in the
information of the participant (e.g. the child attending the camp) first, and the information for the guardian later
5. Click ‘next’ and then confirm.
6. If you wish to add a second member account, for example for a sibling of the first participant, click ’new member
account’ and fill in the second participant’s information like before. When you are signed into myClub, the button to
’register another member’ can also be found underneath the activity description.
7. The system will send you a confirmation message to your myClub account email after the registration.

Watch this video tutorial to see how the registration happens through the myClub website in Finnish. You can change
the interface language to English from the bottom of the page.

Troubleshooting problems with registration:

If the system gives you an notification (You already have a myClub account, please login), see the following for
possible solutions:
- the participant has registered to a camp before or received an invoice through myClub (e.g. participants in Helsinki
NMKY iltapäiväkerho/afterschool clubs). In this case, click ’forgotten password’, and the system will send you a PINcode through email. Fill in the PIN-code and submit a new password on the website.
- the participant has registered to a camp before but through a different guardian. Registration should be done through
the email that was first used to create a myClub account. The first guardian can share the rights to use the account by
adding another guardian’s email to the account. You can share the rights by going to ’own profile’ section by clicking
the member account in the right corner of the myClub page, then choose ’users’ tab and click ’new invitation’. Add the
email address of the second guardian here.
- if the participant already has a member account with Helsinki NMKY (e.g. they’ve participated in afterschool clubs,
music lessons or camps) but you cannot access the account, it is possible the member account has not been linked to
your myClub account. Follow the steps:

1. Make sure you are logged in to myClub (in the mClub website:
2. Select the club (Helsingin NMKY) that the member account is part of and which you wish to connect to your myClub account.
3. Go to your myClub login page.
4. Click ’add a new member account’.
5. Fill in the email address that is added in the member account you are about to connect to your account, and click ’next’. - you will receive an email invitation to manage the member accounts associated with the club. - the invitation will be sent separately for each member account that have the given email address as a contact information or as guardian information. - if the email address does not match with the member account, contact our office (leirit(a)
6. Open your email and click ’accept invitation’ to link the member account to your myClub user account.
7. myClub opens in browser to show a message: ’You are about to connect member account to your own myClub ID’. Choose accept. - the member account is now connected to your myClub user account and you may continue using myClub. Please, contact our office (leirit(a) if need be, and we will provide assistance with the sign-ups!


Helsinki YMCA has been organising camps at the Pelli Camp Centre for 50 years now! There are a wealth of activities during the camps: Playing outdoors and indoors, playing sports, going to the sauna, doing crafts, drawing, games etc. The action takes place with the whole group, by group, or in pairs, depending on the situation and activity. The indoor facilities include the main building as well as a side building and outdoors – there is for example a barn and a shed. Dining takes place in a canteen located in the main building. During the camps, camp moods are updated on Facebook to the ‘Hnmky Pellin leirikeskus’ page.


The camp can accommodate 40 campers. In addition to camp goods and clothes, bring a brisk camp mood! The camps are specifically aimed at children and young people from the metropolitan area.

Please note that there are no additional assistant resources allocated to the camp. If the camper has his or her own assistant, you should contact the organiser by email in advance. 


The camp has an average of eight professional instructors. Half of them are youth workers of Helsinki YMCA, and half educated young confirmed volunteers (aged 15 to 19 years)


Pelli camp centre is located in Karjalohja, on the shore of Lohjanjärvi, about 70 km from Helsinki. It takes just over an hour by bus to reach the camp centre and joint transfers depart from Kaisaniemi in Helsinki. In the camps, activities are organised both indoors in the main building and in the side building, in various outbuildings and outdoors.


In summer camps, accommodation takes place in tents, in the courtyard area of the camp centre. You can take your own tent with you, for example with a friend. If you don’t have a tent, you can loan one from Helsinki YMCA! If you require a tent it can be reported in advance to the camp instructor in charge, whose contact details you will find in the camp letter. On the cold nights of early summer, accommodation can be indoors, if necessary. The decision on the possible indoor accommodation will be made by instructors on site. Toilets and washing facilities are located in the main and side buildings. In addition, a beach sauna is used.

At other times of the year, as well as in the separately mentioned camps, campers stay inside, in the main building in four-bed rooms. In these cases you will need your own sheets.


At the camp, breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack are provided. The meals take place in the canteen located in the main building and the tasty camp food is prepared in the camp centre’s own kitchen. On the camps in Pelli, treats can be purchased at the camp kiosk once a day.


You can ask for financial support primarily from your municipality's social services.


Before the camp, a letter is sent to the campers telling them everything they need to know about the camp, a camp supply list is also provided to help with packing. There will also be a camp questionnaire to be returned when arriving at the camp. Camp letters are sent about two weeks before the camp.


A camp-specific equipment list will be sent to participants in connection with the camp letter around two weeks before the camp. Remember to name all the equipment and clothes that are brought to the camp! Campers and parents should pack the equipment together so the camper knows what they have with them. You can ask for missing items from the office in accordance with the dates stated in the camp letter.


Registration for the camps is electronic and registration is in principle binding. Food restrictions and health information will be requested upon registration. At the same time, please notify counselors of matters requiring special attention or other matters they should be aware of. Such are e.g. illnesses, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, etc. that may affect the camp program and the safety of campers. For safety reasons, the participation of a camper who has special needs or needs an assistant in everyday life must be agreed with the organizer in advance before registration.

More information about the camp can be obtained from the camp office by email. In the camp letter you will find the information of the responsible instructor of the camp and the camp phone number used in the camp. Please note that camp workers are less likely to respond to email inquiries during summer camps and vacations, so please get in touch in advance.



The camp invoice will be sent by e-mail upon registration. The payment period for the invoice is two weeks, after which we will send you a reminder of the invoice. After this, the payment note and collection will be handled by Visma. NOTE! Failure to pay the bill does not mean cancellation of the camp, but the camp must be canceled by e-mail (leirit (a) You can extend the payment period by contacting the biller.

You may cancel a paid camp free of charge until the date given at the time of registration. In the event of subsequent cancellations, the camp fee will only be refunded against a medical certificate. Failure to pay the invoice is not sufficient for cancellation.