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Club clothing and accessories

How to order Helsinki YMCA club products: 

  1. Check out the club product collection (link below). Additional printings (e.g. name) cost €5. 

  1. Book your team’s fitting time with Pipsa Aaltonen at the Malmi Ball Game Hall 

  • The fitting is recommended to be done every time to ensure that the product is of the right size 

  • Email your order to Pipsa Aaltonen 

  • You will receive an order receipt as a return message once the team’s order has left to our supplier 

  1. Collect the money from the team to the team’s own account 

  1. Pay the bill to the account indicated by the club 

Individual purchases can be done at Ballzy (Oravannahkatori 3, Espoo), Ballzy has a few Helsinki YMCA products on the shelf. We recommend ensuring availability by calling the store! Products ordered as a team are more affordable than individual items purchased at the store. 

Ballzy’s products have the HNMKY logo (the Helsinki YMCA logo), but the personalised print (name, number, etc.) must be ordered separately. The HNMKY logo may only be used in products from the club product collection of Helsinki YMCA.