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Helsinki YMCA building is centrally located in the center of Helsinki at Kaisaniemenkatu 8. The building houses an afternoon club, an office, and Helsinki YMCA's own club and music activities.

On the second floor you can find the Green Hall, which once served as the breakfast room of Hotel Arthur. There are afternoon club activities on the premises during the day, but in the evenings and on weekends individuals and organizations may rent it for their own use. There is a large and bright dining room, a quiet room and a large kitchen (renovated in January 2016).

On the third floor, Helsinki YMCA operates its own club activities and Music College. The office space of Helsinki YMCA is on the fourth floor.

The Green Hall is well suited as a venue for parties or small events. The dining room seats 30 to 40 adults. There is also a newly renovated large kitchen. The premises can be rented either on a one-off basis or on longer contracts.

Price: €50 first hour, €30 following hours.

Reservations and inquiries: