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All junior players must wear the HNMKY uniform assigned and owned by the club, which is available in exchange for a deposit, in all league games of the Basketball Association. Uniform deposit: We will charge €85 in the first membership fee invoice. All junior players whose team/training group will participate in any games organised by the Basketball Association must pay the deposit. Players will pay the uniform deposit only once and it will be returned to the player in exchange for a well-maintained uniform. The uniforms are the property of the HNMKY club and if needed, players will receive a uniform of a suitable size. Uniform may only be used in HNMKY games.  

Invoicing schedule and policies  

  • The 2022 membership fee of the Association has been billed separately on due the date 1 June 2022 (€ 40). The membership fee for 2023 will be confirmed in the association’s Autumn meeting, and the due date will be 1 February 2023.
  • The full year’s seasonal fee (2022–23) is paid in 8 or 9 installments, there is no monthly fee.
  • For U13-U19 (born 2004–2010), the first installment is the same as for others: € 200 in June. Invoicing of other seasonal fee installments (August-March) starts in August. The total amount is determined by training group, and the completed first (€ 200) installment will be taken into consideration.
  • Invoicing for teams born 2011–2017 and Unified will be done in eight (8) installments starting in August. The last installment will be invoiced in March.
  • Deductible period shall be interpreted as follows in the event of dropping out/termination/ break/ injury: a half-month installment will be refunded if the termination notice form is submitted, or the break or injury is reported before the 15th of the month. If the training is interrupted for the above reasons on or after the 15th of the month, the installment for that month will not be refunded.


  • Age group U13-U19 (born 2004–2010)
    • If the termination takes place in June, 50 % of the installment must be paid.
  • Regional teams (born 2011–2017)
    • If the termination takes place in April-July, there will be no refunds.
  • National team camp participants in summer 2022 will receive a 30 % discount on the first installment.
  • We recommend using e-invoicing. Instructions:
  • If a player drops out, the basketball office must always be notified with an online form available here
  • There may be some team-specific differences in the invoicing schedule due to possible training group divisions. In such cases, the club will inform each team separately.


Helsingin NMKY

*For these teams, it is also possible to choose one weekly practice fewer, in which case the seasonal fee is € 150 lower. In that case, notify the Club Coordinator Pipsa Aaltonen



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•    coaching
•    series activities organized by the Basketball Association in accordance with the club's policy
•    training conditions in accordance with the club’s policy
•    league and referee fees for competitions organised by the Finnish Basketball Association
•    club product
•    uniform, according to the club's policy
•    free transfer (club change) for new players
•    club events
•    benefits under cooperation agreements
•    HNMKY’s morning and afternoon practices
•    for older U14 players, an athlete’s health check (players born in 2009, applies to practice groups 1.-2.)
•    license
•    insurance
•    additional team-specific practices or competitions
•    team-specific camps, tournaments (e.g.  U15 Robert Petersen Cup and Finnish Championship qualifiers) and other events
•    possible additional costs for competitions (bus and agent fees)
•    membership fee


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If two or more children of the same family participate in the regular sports practices of the Helsinki YMCA, the family may apply for a sibling discount.

From the second child onwards, the sibling discount is equal to the last installment per child. The seasonal fee for the oldest child is always charged fully (100 %). The sibling discount only applies to players that are participating in the activities for the full operating year, and must be applied by email at

Households with at least 3 people (1 adult and at least 2 children OR 2 adults and at least 1 child) participating in Helsinki YMCA sports activities are eligible for the family discount. From the second hobbyist onwards, the family discount is equal to the amount of the last installment per hobbyist. Family discounts must be applied by e-mail at

In the event of a long (for more than one month) absence from practices due to an accident or illness, we apply a deductible period of half a seasonal installment (see deductible period above). If the player takes part in team’s training during the injury period by doing ancillary training or is otherwise partially involved in the practices, the amount of compensation is calculated in proportion to the seasonal installment. In the event of an accident or illness, send a medical certificate and a written statement to: