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Seasonal fees: participants shall be invoiced for the seasonal or activity fee (e.g. in basketball – basketball’s seasonal fee or camps’ activity fees) corresponding to the activities they have participated in.

All junior players of the club play the Finnish Basketball Association’s series wearing the kit appointed and owned by the club, which is available for use against a kit deposit. Kit deposit: 85€ is charged in connection with the first invoice as a separate invoice, and it is invoiced to all junior players whose team/training group participates in the Finnish Basketball Association’s series. The kit deposit is only paid once and it is refunded to the player against a reusable kit. The kits are the property of HNMKY club and the player will receive a suitable kit to use at the beginning of each season.

Club camp: The camp this year is for juniors born between 2000-2009. The camp will take place between 31/8-2/9/2018, the camp will be held at Kisakallio Susi Training Center.


  • The summer training payment according to age group will come due on 15th June.
  • Due dates for instalments (8 pcs): 15/8, 15/9, 15/10, 15/11, 15/12, 15/1, 15/2, 15/3
  • Due dates for instalments (4 pcs): 15/9, 15/11, 15/1, 15/3
  • Invoicing will take place as a collective invoice, the collective invoice is sent out once at the beginning of the season. The invoice will specify all the due dates (same as above) and the amount as well as the reference ID which will remain the same throughout the season.
  • If you wish, you can pay seasonal instalments in advance, in this case please ensure that the invoice is always paid using your own reference ID.
  • You should always inform our physical education office about a player resigning by using the online form found on the following website: The resignation form must be filled in before the 15th of the month, in which case the current month’s instalment shall be refunded. If the resignation is submitted on the 15th or later, the refund will start from the following month’s instalment.

* All players who have been selected for regular national team activities over the summer (June – August) are exempt from the summer training fees. The summer training fees are included in the seasonal fees of minis and micros. If summer training shall not be participated in, this must be informed by sending an email to the following email address:

** Groups are arranged, if there are more than 8 participants




  • coaching, licenses required by staff
  • series activities arranged by the Finnish Basketball Association, in accordance with the club’s line of action
  • training conditions, in accordance with the club’s line of action*
  • series and referee payments of the competition activities arranged by the Finnish Basketball Association
  • HNMKY product
  • kit, in accordance with the club’s line of action
  • free club transfer for those joining the activities
  • central administration and HNMKY sports office services
  • club events
  • coach and staff training*
  • HNMKY materials
  • club’s centralised team management service
  • benefits in accordance with cooperation agreements
  • HNMKY’s Open Practice morning and afternoon training opportunity
  • sportsperson’s health check for older C juniors (players born in 2005)


  • license
  • insurance
  • team-specific additional training or playoff sessions
  • team-specific camps, tournaments (e.g. Finnish Championship qualifier tournaments) and other events
  • membership fee, which the association invoices each participant separately (membership fee 40€/calendar year)

*Staff and coaches registering for paid training always requires consent from the club



Sibling and family discount

If two or more children from the same family participate in HNMKY’s regular sports activities, a sibling discount can be applied for.

The sibling discount practice for the season 2018-19 amounts to the last seasonal fee instalment per child for the second child onwards, 50% of the last instalment in case of two-instalment invoices. The seasonal fee of the eldest child is always charged at 100%. The sibling discount only applies to those participating in the whole season and an application must be submitted no later than 15th August 2018 by sending an email to the following email address:

Such households are entitled to a family discount, if there at least 3 adults and children (1 adult and at least 2 children or 2 adults and at least 1 child) who participate in sports activities. The family discount is 15€ per adult participant, in addition to which families where at least two children participate in regular sports activities are entitled to a sibling discount.  An application for a family discount must be submitted no later than 15th August 2018 by sending an email to the following email address:

Accident or illness-based financial reimbursement

In situations where the participation in activities is interrupted due to an accident or long-standing disease, it is possible to apply for financial reimbursement for the period that exceeds the one-month personal excess.

Applications for reimbursements are submitted by email and by sending a medical certificate or written statement to the sports office using the following address: HNMKY / kausimaksuhyvitykset (seasonal fee reimbursements), Siemenkuja 3, 00700 Helsinki. The amount of the reimbursement shall be calculated in relation to the seasonal fee of the season.  If the player takes part in the team’s training during his/her accident period, for example, in the form of gym training or otherwise partially participates in training, he/she can apply for partial reimbursement for this period depending on the nature of the injury.

Direct financial support for seasonal fees

Applying for financial support for the actual season beginning on 10th August 2018 takes place as follows:

  • The participant fills in the application form to apply for financial support and includes the requested documents*. The application form can be found on HNMKY’s website:
  • The support applications must always be made proactively, and support will not be provided retrospectively.
  • The final submission dates for applications in relation to the autumn season/entire activity season are 15th August 2018 and for the spring season by 8th January 2019.
  • Applications can be submitted throughout the year, and also for shorter periods than the entire activity season or half of it, in this case the club will consider at its discretion whether prompt handling will be arranged before the next decision meeting.
  • In case of financial changes due to unexpected factors, applications can also be processed at other times.

*For filling in the support application, the applicant must be prepared to apply for financial support from the social services of the City of Helsinki to cover the sports costs of the person the support is applied for.

Conditions for approving the application:

  • You can only apply for support for one activity season at a time and the support amounts are determined according to the actualised need for support, the number of applications and the distributable financial resources, so they may vary significantly from year to year.
  • The distributable resources support low-income households or other households that are facing financial difficulties.
  • The primary aim is to enable all those interested in HNMKY’s sports activities an opportunity, in terms of financial resources, to participate in sports according to their level of motivation.

In addition:

  • If misuse is realised after the support decision has been approved, or false information has been provided in the application, the club has the right to cancel the approved support and recollect the approved support funds.
  • The club reserves the rights to change the support approval practices.
  • Supports approved by HNMKY in terms of sibling and family discounts as well as direct support are granted from a separately reserved fund, to which funds are collected through cooperation agreements and individual donations or other fundraising.